Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Homemade Tortilla Chips #2

So disappointed.
#1 - Last night I made tortillas for the first time and then made chips right afterward.  I followed the tortilla recipe on the flour bag and they turned out great.  However, I ended up overcooking the chips and they were way too hard.  My guess on the solution would be, of course, to cook them for a shorter period of time and also to roll them thinner.  I overcooked them purposely due to my experience with potato chips not getting crispy when following the recipe and also to adjust for altitude.  Fortunately, they are still edible after soaking in salsa. :(
#2 - Tonight I thought I'd try again.  However, I followed the recipe closer than the first time since I used warm water instead of cold.  This made it much easier to mix the dough.  However, the dough was a little sticky.  I know now I should have added more flour like most recipes suggest but I didn't.  I also added salt this time which may have resulted in a sticker dough.  I'm not really sure which one it was.  I wasted time rolling out all the balls and then found I could not remove the dough from the plastic without it falling apart in my hand.  I am thoroughly discouraged, but I know its just a matter of learning what the dough should feel like before rolling it.  So, I've learned that sticky is no good for tortilla dough and hopefully shortening the cooking time on the chips will solve the rock hard chip problem.  Though I hate having to throw out a failed batch, I'm encouraged to continue since I want to eat tortilla chips made with olive oil.

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